...capricious, sometimes I am in a bad mood...

sometimes in a good mood.

that is my bobby car, my favorite colour: lady on red :)


I like football. Guess, what team I am fan of?

dad thinks it is useful to read

ja-ja, but at first- let us play

that's another sort of transportation: also red.

I like to play very very very...

...much. Oh! What is that?

and what is there?

I know, I know: that is a cat, may-may, the sun, a car - br, br (do u see, red again). I have repeated  already this lesson :/

hey, what about dinner or at least a bottle of milk?

I am going to do my morning exercises, first of all the music should be a little bit louder...

oops... I just wanted to help u clean the room

onion, bread and salt... I think somebody should earn a little bit more.

Sunrise is my favorite time to wake up (not my parents'). Sunrise! Isn't it nice?

tssss, tired

watch photos