My name is Akaia. 26.01.06 at 8.22, Frankfurt - I am born. Apgar: 8/9/10. I was 3730 gr. and 54 cm. Head - 37 cm.

We came with Mami und Dad from hospital home. U2: I was 3450 gr. I lost a lot of weight, the situation was stressful :)

I was 4 times a day and ones at night breast-fed.

I have begun to smile and to say: "Aguuuu". Mama und Papa seem to be happy.

U3 (I am 7 weeks old):  4890 gr. and 4 cm. longer.

The whole time long I wanted to know what those animals are, who running back and forth in front of my face. I know it now!!! These are my hands!!! They are my best toys. And they are so tasty !!!!

My new Hobby is now - to grip: toys, dummy, bottles, but also my momīs and dadīs hair...

 U4 (I was almost 4 months old ):  I weighed 6700 gr. and was 64 cm.

My forth month's birthday. I rolled over my belly for the first time.

My fifth month's birthday. I have got my first tooth!

U5: I weighed 8460gr. and was 68,5 cm.

My sixth month's birthday. I have got two teeth, I can sit down, stand up and crawl.

I have said the word "mama". It seems not to be associated with my mother, I just like to say: "ma-ma-ma-ma..."

I have 8 teeth already.

I did first steps 2 days before my birthday (10 months!) !!!

Akaia is one year old. Happy birthday !!!

U6 : I weighed 10650 gr. and was 77,5 cm. I do have 12 teeth.

I say: mama, what is it, yes, give me..

I am 15 months old. I have learnt to eat without anybodies help.

16 months. I can say: mum, dad, essen, go, no, mama come here, bye-bye. I have 16 teeth..

I am 19 months old. I donīt use pampers any more!!! I am 85 cm already. I know what say all domestic animals and I do like very much to read books with my mam. Also, I adore my daddy and everytime say him per phone: papa lu-lu (what means: I love u)

U7: (2 years)I weighted  13,7 kg und was 89,5 cm My grandmom visited us in jan., at that time I began to speak really gut russian!!!!

Akaia is 2 years old!!! Happy birthday, Akaia!!!


to be continued..... /Statistics