B A I K A L     -     I T´S        D I F F E R E N T

Kayak-tour, July ´08.

Members of the team:






Shura Kazlou



Alena Kazlova



Nata konstantinova



Igor Grankov



Sasha Grankova



Gosha Grankov



Sanya Grankov



all together: cheeeeeese






at first: island Olchon - shamans´stones



next day: transfer to Chivyrkujskij bay (Svyatoj nos)








evening before setting out for a tour





next morning




Off we go!






roof falling down



Baikal has different faces...










with natives (Bargusinskij preserve) 






























some other portraits of Baikal











while having a rest
















Baikal & us









The End